Usually, if things are not maintain they deteriorated reaching a point where they can not recover, becoming a big mess. Applying this claim to a business we can see the following examples:

If you have a computer and you do not give it proper maintenance, it is very likely that you get some virus or malware and as a consequence the loss of information may be the result. Where files that contain your previous years of hard work, pictures which also are precious moments for you , and much more can get corrupted. In  addition, other common problems may occur such as a slow processing that affects the optimal functioning of the software resulting a big waste of time varying depending if you work with small or large volumes of information.

For the correct operation of our automobile we need to maintain it, put gasoline, pay tenures, verifications, licenses and other rights, we also hire insurance to support our investment.

Taking these measures seems normal to us.

Also a website requires a professional service that keeps it updated, modern, dynamic, protected from intrusions, as well as needs the work that makes it relevant in the search engines.

Also a website requires a professional service that keeps it updated, modern, dynamic, protected from intrusions, as well as needs the work that makes it relevant in the search engines.

Good maintenance includes, among other things:

  • Information backups.
  • Update and optimization of images.
  • Update of versions.
  • SEO optimization.
  • Positioning in search engines.
  • Ensures adequate hosting.
  • Domain renewal.
  • Advice and administration of E-mails.
  • Protection against viruses and malicious codes.

¿Qué tipos de mantenimiento existen?

If you take a look at wikipedia you will see that there are several types of maintenance that are divided into other sub-types. I’m just going to talk about two, which are those related to the conservation and proper functioning of the product or service on which it is made:

Preventive Maintenance:

It is that maintenance that only the cautious people perform or those who have already learned the lesson.

With it a series of tasks are carried out, with a certain frequency, that help to keep your product or service working in perfect conditions of use.

The problem is that in general, we tend to trust that nothing ever happens and that is why you can relax thinking that it is not necessary to do it. ERROR.

Mantenimiento correctivo o reactivo:

With this maintenance you fix or repair what you have already detected that does not work as it should.

You carry out the necessary processes so that it returns to normal operation, as long as this is possible, of course. Because there are cases where you can not.

Let’s see an example that illustrates the two types of maintenance: a PC that has been infected with the police virus and prevents you from accessing your data. Does it sound? Because it has brought many users headlong in recent years.

The corrective maintenance would imply carrying out the recommended disinfection steps and crossing the fingers to be able to disinfect it completely.

Experience tells me that a disinfection is never complete, since a virus can make numerous changes in a computer system, of which the disinfection may not correct all.

Preventive maintenance would correspond to the frequent backup of the data you work with, to the installation and daily update of a good antivirus, in addition to complying with a series of habits that prevent you from opening unknown files or installing strange things on your computer without realizing it .

If you stop to think about it, the degree of stress you suffer is greater with corrective maintenance, because you already have the problem in your hands and you have to solve it yes or yes: depending on how critical it is, you will have more or less time to solve it .

For a website made with WordPress or any other CMS, pass three quarters of the same: either keep your page, or you will take your hands to the head sooner or later.

The corrective maintenance before an infection of this style, would happen to detect the type of infection suffered, to recover the code of the affected files and then to update as it corresponds.

Also keep in mind that a web page is available 24 hours a day and depending on the type, it could affect your readers.

Preventive maintenance would consist of carrying out with a certain frequency a backup of your files, in such a way that in these situations you can return in a record time your page to its pre-infection status.

You would also make updates to your WordPress, plugins and themes.

What is the most effective type of maintenance?

Maintenance plans are there for all tastes. The best is the one that allows you, at the moment of suffering problems, to solve them with the greatest effectiveness.

With this I mean that it does not do you any good to spend a fortune on implementing the best plan of all, if it does not help you at the moment you suffer the problem. It is not just about making backups or updating, you also have to restore it.

Nor is it useful to implement automatic backups, if afterwards you do not ensure the integrity of the data or its execution.

Just as it does not help at all to secure your website to the point of looking like a bunker, if later you use common passwords to access it.

You have to reach an intermediate point, identify the objectives of your maintenance plan and then, yes, establish the appropriate measures.

Where do I begin?

These are the three basic measures that you should think about implementing from now, if you want to have an effective maintenance plan:

  • Make a backup of your data, your content. If you can, best of all the database. If a disaster occurs, a system can be reassembled from 0. The content you have generated or the feedback you received during a certain time, no. Determine a frequency for these backups.
  • Make a backup of the files on your site. Of ALL the files of your site. It is true that a system can always be re-assembled from scratch, taking more or less time. But it’s easier when you have an updated copy. Why do you prefer … to put everything from scratch or only from the last day that you made the backup? This type of backup is only necessary when you have implemented substantial changes in the bowels of your blog.
  • Update WordPress, plugins and wp themes. In this order. If you have been working with WordPress for a while, you may have noticed that there are update notifications of its components practically every week … Update everything, also the plugins or themes that you have disabled.