For over 10 years now HTML 4.01 has been the standard for coders around the world, but since the release of HTML5 users web experience has been taken to a whole other level of functionality. Web browsers like Safari, Chrome, IE and Firefox have taken advantage of this new web standard and have implemented many of their features with it.

Because HTML5 has many advantages for SEO companies, not many know exactly what does advantages are and how to really take advantage of all the latest features.

Here are some simple key elements of HTML5 that will help your SEO:

1. Updated Semantic Tags & Geo-location Microdata Elements

HTML5 has the structure and elements to bring better visibility to your site. Header, article, and nav tags. With Geolocation Microdata, you can have search engines index your information alot better, including reviews, events, etc.

SEO benefits: “With this cleaner code, pages will be indexed more efficiently. Pages will load much faster due to its simplicity and less call to actions from third party tools.”

2. New Media Elements

HTML5 will not need the the help of most third  parties in order to access its rich multimedia features. For instance, playing audio or video on a webpage had no set standard practice until HTML5 came into being. Generally, flash has been the most called upon third party to play video and audio files in the past, but with HTML5 say goodbye to flash little by little. Embedding video into your site and having it work perfectly with mostly all browsers is the future of what HTML5 brings to the table.

SEO benefits: HTML5 videos will be indexed by search engines much faster. Videos are ultra-fast and are browser based. Also, slower internet connections can have a better browsing experience without video buffering since the downloading and playing both take place in HTML5.

3. Canvas Element

With HTML5 canvas you can now draw charts, graphics, or go all out in a interactive experience for your site.

SEO benefits: It provides greater stability as compared to a plugin since the browser includes the Canvas.

4. Local Client Side Storage

Cookies will also be a thing of the past as we learn that holding onto cookie data is sluggish at best and not the best solution for best browser experience. HTML5 only uses data when called upon it. Data is stored and accessed using Javascript.

SEO benefits: Website’s performance becomes unaffected even after storing large amounts of data.

5. Form Elements

The forms have now been suited with more variety and functionality viz. date, time, URL, email, calendar, search etc.

SEO benefits: Better design and functionality on mobile devices.

6. Multi-tasking capabilities through Web Workers

HTML5 has made web browsers capable of multitasking through Web Workers. Javascript used in the past could not even handle heavy computing. Scripts that would run for long also used to get timed out. The features of Web Workers are somewhat similar to the traditional Java or C# multi-threaded applications.

SEO benefits: Greater flexibility to the developer in separating the content from code intended for processing tasks.

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