Advanced WebSite to WorPress

Moving to WordPress doesn’t have to be painful.

If you’ve got a complex site that you want moved over to WordPress, chances are, unless you just started looking today, that finding the right developer has been hard. With WordPress growing in leaps and bounds, the amount of developers eager to provide service has exploded. While that’s fantastic for the WordPress ecosystem and ensures that your move to WordPress will be a long-lasting investment, it can make finding the right developer for an advanced project more challenging.

I want to take away the pain for you.

I’ve been working with WordPress for over 6 years and migrating websites to WordPress has been one of my specialities since Day #1 (literally – a migration was my first project). I know the ins and outs of the migration process, including what can go wrong and how to make sure it doesn’t.

Each migration is unique.

Your website is unique. It was planned and built uniquely, its content is unique, and its job (the reason you set it up to begin with and the role you’ve given it) is unique to your business. Accordingly, while I work from my years of experience, I pay careful attention in the evaluation process to get to know your website and make sure that the migration is planned well.

Starting an advanced WordPress migration.

While I can tell a lot about a website after just a few minutes of exploring it, an advanced migration begins by getting “under the hood”. The most important part of making sure a WordPress migration is smooth and pain free is the planning process and that’s where I begin.

Let’s take a look at each of the steps in the planning process.

  • Contact Me – The first step is to contact me and tell me about your project, including a link to the site you plan to move. You can send me an email or give me a call at (808) 304-7038 (I return calls within 24 hours on working days).
  • 10-Minute Review – After hearing from you, I’ll take a 10-minute look at your existing site and determine if it is indeed a match for an advanced migration. I’ll put together any questions I have along with any initial recommendations.
  • Initial Consultation – After my first review, we’ll schedule a call to discuss my findings, get answers to any questions I have, and answer any questions of your own. We’ll discuss costs and timeline and make sure that we’re a match for each other. If we decide to go forward, you’ll pay for a website evaluation and I’ll put it on my schedule.
  • Website Evaluation – Now that we’ve started work together, I’ll tackle the evaluation at the scheduled time. During the evaluation, I work carefully through each of the pages on your site (or unique template in cases where we’re dealing with hundreds or thousands of pages), identifying functionality to be migrated, noting areas where I have questions, and crafting a detailed plan for carrying out the work. This is themost important part of the process and I don’t hold back. At the end of the evaluation, I present my findings and recommendations to you as a detailed action plan, along with a fixed cost for my team and I to carry out the work and a timeline for when we can get it done.

And that’s that! Let’s get started. You can contact me via my contact page or by phone at (808) 304-7038 For extra points, though, and to make sure that the process is as smooth as possible, I recommend that you simply fill out the short form below: